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Wedding Day Tips


The Week Before the Wedding


Leave the last week before the wedding as open as possible. Do all the tasks that can be done ahead of time before the last week. This week will be filled with activities that cannot be done until then. Plus, you will want to have stress-free time to spend with your out of town guests and attendants as they arrive.


This is the week you will need time for:

  • The bridal luncheon

  • Picking up Tuxes, Flowers and food

  • Going to the airport for friends and family

  • Getting your nails and hair done

  • Special time with family to make memories

  • Moving needed items for the wedding to the church and reception area

Alternative for First Anniversary Cake


You may wish to save the top tier of your wedding cake for your first anniversary as tradition dictates, or you may call us (Virginia’s) a few weeks before your first anniversary and order a fresh 6” cake decorated as your top tier or similar. The cost is about $15.00 and you will enjoy fresh cake with your champagne and strawberries for your special day.


Estimating the amount of cake needed


Wedding Cake

Estimate approximately 80-90% of the number of guests you expect for the reception.


Groom’s Cake

Estimate approximately 40-50% of your expected reception guests. You may serve a smaller serving of grooms cake because you have already allowed for a serving of wedding cake per person.


Note: If an open bar or cash bar is available, the cake sizes can be reduced slightly, as sweets go less favorably with alcohol.


Best time to serve the Cake

The optimal time to serve the wedding and grooms cakes is between 1-2 hours into the reception. The reasoning behind this time frame is that, although you (the bride and groom) are very busy during this time, your guests have had time to dine and visit and are ready for dessert by then. It works well to have the cake photos taken as soon as you arrive at the reception to facilitate the caterer’s timing to serve the rest of your cakes.


The sooner the cake is served the less cake is leftover after the wedding.



Wedding Contact Sheet

You can use this sheet to organize your vendors, and give a copy to all of your vendors so they can coordinate activities.


Wedding Emergency Bag

This is a listing of items that can save the day, a must have for every wedding.

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